I like breaking things.
Well, I like breaking glass.  You come up with an idea, see.  Then I start pulling these huge, beautiful sheets of glass out.  I grab my glass cutter, my grozing pliers, my breaking pliers, my work gloves, my grinder, my lead, my copper foil, my light box, etc., etc.... and about a thousand hours of NPR later, you've got yourself a beautiful piece of unique stained glass art.  That's what I do.

No butterflies.  No flowers. 

That's the promise I made to myself when I started doing this stained glass thing.  So when I feel like making an homage to the amount of booze drunk in the typical film noir movie, well...

I do.

Easily inspired?  Fine by me.

Along with all of those original ideas that people have requested in stained glass, I like to take in the occasional film noir or listen to a bit of music that helps the next design come to life.

And thus, came all of this.  Welcome to Ulterior Votive.